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Life Transitions

As we go through various life transitions, sometimes we feel burdensome to our friends and family. You may feel like the people you love don’t understand your struggles or you at this time. You may feel like a stranger to yourself or stuck under a fog. I am here to offer you a safe space to process those feelings and support you through this transition.

We can explore this new stage together be it becoming a new parent, divorcee, sudden loss of employment dealing with grief or loss of a loved one, dealing with a new diagnosis or illness, working on your relationship or marriage, starting school or a new career, or just getting older and learning to cope

Body Positivity

It’s a hard task to “fit the mold” and  you don’t have to! We are here to hold space for all those hard days when our logical minds are overtaken by emotion and can help process any trauma related to a history of body shaming or body image issues.  And in case you needed a reminder all bodies are  beautiful and should be celebrated.


I believe in the universe and divine timing and know that our souls are drawn to what we need the most in due time.  We invite you to share your faith with us so it is included in your treatment plan. 


Struggles with thought distortions, overthinking and made up scenarios getting in the way of your everyday tasks? Identifying perceived thoughts from facts can be challenging when you are operating in an emotionally induced state.   It can also be emotionally draining to feel weighed down by the “what ifs” of the day.  Let us help you access coping strategies to help decrease anxiety and improve general wellbeing. 

Self -Esteem and Wellness

Many of us have struggled our entire lives to “love ourselves” negative remarks from peers/family members or instances of childhood bullying are some of the initial markers that imprints in our minds as the start of self doubt.  We can access these vulnerable parts and review ways to reinforce your current life while validating your struggles and helping you re direct negative thought patterns to enhance self esteem and improve perception. 

General wellness begins with consumption and awareness Therefore, Improving wellness begins with checking in with all you are exposing yourself to and removing distractors that can be hindering your attempts at a more healthful life. We can support this practice by assisting you with goal setting and organization to help stay on track. 

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